Lukas Kühne

Acoustic-sculptor whose works have often interdisciplinary contents and have been exhibited extensively worldwide. Current works are strongly dedicated to spatial and acoustically impacts. His aim is to explore the symbiotic relationship between sound and space, between music and architecture. There to mention is CROMATICO 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia as well as TVISÖNGUR 2012 in Seydisfjördur, Iceland and ORGANUM 2014 in Hailuoto, Finland. In 2006 he developed together with Robyn Schulkowsky the ongoing format Space and Frequency -Rhythm Lab with monumental exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Brussels and Helsinki among others. The concept is based on a lively, pure acoustic space investigation with physical sound sources. Its format is exploratory with sensual and didactic interrelationships. Architectonically, spaces are explored and mapped out according to their tonality. Acoustically, the method is to include these findings in a transient urban musical-sonotop installation. Lukas Kühne is associated professor of Sound Art and founder of the International Sound Art Festival Monteaudio, both operating at the EUM Faculty of Arts of the state University UdelaR, Uruguay. He lives currently in Montevideo.